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// Copyright 2006 Alp Toker <alp@atoker.com>
// This software is made available under the MIT License
// See COPYING for details

using System;
using System.Reflection;
using System.Reflection.Emit;

using org.freedesktop.DBus;

namespace NDesk.DBus
      //TODO: perhaps ExportObject should not derive from BusObject
      internal class ExportObject : BusObject //, Peer
            public readonly object obj;

            public ExportObject (Connection conn, ObjectPath object_path, object obj) : base (conn, null, object_path)
                  this.obj = obj;

            //maybe add checks to make sure this is not called more than once
            //it's a bit silly as a property
            public bool Registered
                  set {
                        Type type = obj.GetType ();

                        foreach (MemberInfo mi in Mapper.GetPublicMembers (type)) {
                              EventInfo ei = mi as EventInfo;

                              if (ei == null)

                              Delegate dlg = GetHookupDelegate (ei);

                              if (value)
                                    ei.AddEventHandler (obj, dlg);
                                    ei.RemoveEventHandler (obj, dlg);

            public void HandleMethodCall (MethodCall method_call)
                  Type type = obj.GetType ();
                  //object retObj = type.InvokeMember (msg.Member, BindingFlags.InvokeMethod, null, obj, MessageHelper.GetDynamicValues (msg));

                  //TODO: there is no member name mapping for properties etc. yet
                  MethodInfo mi = Mapper.GetMethod (type, method_call);

                  if (mi == null) {
                        conn.MaybeSendUnknownMethodError (method_call);

                  object retObj = null;
                  object[] parmValues = MessageHelper.GetDynamicValues (method_call.message, mi.GetParameters ());

                  try {
                        retObj = mi.Invoke (obj, parmValues);
                  } catch (TargetInvocationException e) {
                        if (!method_call.message.ReplyExpected)

                        Exception ie = e.InnerException;
                        //TODO: complete exception sending support

                        Error error = new Error (Mapper.GetInterfaceName (ie.GetType ()), method_call.message.Header.Serial);
                        error.message.Signature = new Signature (DType.String);

                        MessageWriter writer = new MessageWriter (Connection.NativeEndianness);
                        writer.connection = conn;
                        writer.Write (ie.Message);
                        error.message.Body = writer.ToArray ();

                        //TODO: we should be more strict here, but this fallback was added as a quick fix for p2p
                        if (method_call.Sender != null)
                              error.message.Header.Fields[FieldCode.Destination] = method_call.Sender;

                        conn.Send (error.message);

                  if (method_call.message.ReplyExpected) {
                        Message reply = MessageHelper.ConstructDynamicReply (method_call, mi, retObj, parmValues);
                        conn.Send (reply);

            public void Ping ()

            public string GetMachineId ()
                  //TODO: implement this
                  return String.Empty;

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